How to Implement Typical or Troubled?®

The Typical or Troubled?  School Mental Health Education program began as a program offering small grants to allow a handful of schools in a local community to implement the curriculum. As the program has expanded, and interest in the program continues to grow, the APA Foundation now offers two ways to implement: through the original grant program, or through a technical assistance program.

The Typical or Troubled? School Mental Health Education Grant Program provides funding to implement the program (or Típico o Problemático?®) in up to ten schools in a community.

The Typical or Troubled? School Mental Health Education Technical Assistance Program does not provide grants, but allows communities or counties looking to implement the program in more than ten schools to partner with the American Psychiatric Association Foundation. This technical assistance partnership has been designed for successful planning and implementation across many schools.

Regardless of whether your school is implementing the program via the grant program, or the technical assistance program, you must be accepted into the programs.

Explore the ways to implement the Typical or Troubled? School Mental Health program in your community:

Standard Grant Program

Each year, the Typical or Troubled?® School Mental Health Education program provides small grants to help schools implement the training at anywhere from 2 - 10 middle or high schools within a district or community. 

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