What We Do

Advancing mental health, eliminating stigma. That’s quite a mission statement, yet each day staff at the American Psychiatric Association Foundation works tirelessly to achieve our dream of a mentally healthy nation—a world in which mental illness is understood as a medical issue that is real and can be effectively and readily treated.

To make this world a reality, our researchers and staff are informing health policy, fostering careers in psychiatric research, encouraging early recognition and treatment to families, schools, businesses and the judicial system, and providing resources and opportunities to medical students, residents, and early career psychiatrists.

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Explore how we’re working towards advancing mental health:

Professional Education

The American Psychiatric Foundation uses professional education opportunities as one of the many pieces needed to achieve its mission. By offering psychiatric education, fellowships, and training opportunities, we seek to create mental health learning opportunities for medical students, residents, and practicing psychiatrists,. Learn more

If you, or someone you know is in suicidal crisis or emotional distress, click here for a list of resources.