American Psychiatric Leadership Fellowship Program

Preparing Tomorrow's Psychiatric Leaders Today

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) American Psychiatric Leadership (APL) Fellowship Program is the oldest and SorelAPL.jpgmost prestigious fellowship program in the APA. It has contributed to introducing residents to organized psychiatry and launching the careers of many leaders in the field of psychiatry. APL Fellows have the opportunity to network with residents from around the country and serve along side psychiatrists who are considered leaders in their area of expertise. Fellows are immersed in the governance structure of the APA through service on a Council and receive supplemental training on topics such as leadership development, mentorship, media interaction, and advocacy. APL Fellows are funded to attend the APA Annual Meeting, where they have the opportunity to interact with psychiatrists from around the world, while attending courses and workshops. The APL Fellowship is a unique opportunity for residents to engage, interact and participate at a national level and further develop their professional networks and psychiatric experience.


Nomination Guidelines


2012-2013 American Psychiatric Leadership Fellows @ 2013 APA Annual Meeting (left to right): Back row: Sepideh Bajestan, MD, Daniel Hackman, MD, Hassan Minhas, MD, Arshya Vahabzadeh, MD; Front row: Laura Wakil, MD, Lama Bazzi, MD (2012-2013 Fellowship President), Uyen-Khanh (U.K.) Quang-Dang, MD (2013-2014 Fellowship President), Yvonne Yang, MD, Patricia Dickmann, MD, Leah Dickstein, MD (Selection Committee Chairperson); Not pictured: David Buxton, MD 


History of the Fellowship: The American Psychiatric Leadership  Fellowship was established in 1968  through a grant from the Maurice  Falk Medical Fund (establishing its original  name, the Falk Fellowship). In 1984, the Burroughs Wellcome Company assumed support of the  program and it was renamed the APA/Burroughs Wellcome  Fellowship. Later, the program was known as the APA/GlaxoSmithKline Fellowship, then in 2009 it became the American Psychiatric Leadership Fellowship. 


APL Fellows in the News

- Joshua Roffman, MD (2003-05): "UK Mental Health...Research Grants", Psychiatric News, 2014
- Arshya Vahabzadeh, MD (2012-14): Interview About Stigma and Social Media, APA TV, 2013
- David Buxton, MD (2011-13): "Don't Let Borders Limit...Perspective", Psychiatric News, 2013 
- Kayla Pope, MD (2008-10): "Child Psychiatrist Brings Idealism to AMA", Psychiatric News, 2012 
- Saul Levin, MD (1987-89): New APA CEO/Medical  Director, APA Video News, 2013
- Donna Norris, MD (1973-75): "Race Politics and Psychiatry", Psychiatric News, 2010





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