Giving Circles

We thank those individual APA Member donors who have made significant gifts to support the work of the APA and the APA Foundation during the organization's first 15 years. To inquire about entry to future giving circles - currently under consideration, please email Kimberly O'Donnell, Chief Philanthropy Officer. 

Foundation Circle

Membership in the Foundation Circle is prestigious. We thank our members who have contributed more than $25,000 to the APA Foundation between 1992 and 2007. 

Robert S. Garber, M.D.*
Patricia & Abram M. Hostetter, M.D.
Rhoda & Bernard G. Sarnat, M.D.
James H. Scully, Jr., M.D.
Mary E. Scully
Albert J. Stunkard, M.D.*
Bunny & Howard F. Wallach, M.D.* 

Benjamin Rush Circle

Membership in the Benjamin Rush Circle is prestigious. We thank our members who have contributed $10,000 - $24,999 to the APA Foundation between 1992 and 2007. 

Alan A. Axelson, M.D. 
Memunatu Bangura, M.D. 
Doris Berlin, M.D.* 
Florence & Harold E. Berson, M.D.* 
Arthur M. Blood, M.D. 
Henry W. Brosin, M.D.* 
Robert J. Campbell III, M.D. 
Clarence P. Chou, M.D. 
Estate of Frank J. Curran, M.D. 
Anthony M. D’Agostino, M.D. 
Robert S. Garber, M.D.* 
Robert W. Gibson, M.D.* 
June Gantz, Ed.D. & Alexander Gralnick, M.D.* 
Richard K. Harding, M.D. 
Patricia & Abram M. Hostetter, M.D. 
Karen Boudreau & Thomas S. Jensen, M.D. 
Colin Thomas Kelley, M.D. 
Lawrence C. Kolb, M.D.* 
Debbie & Jeremy A. Lazarus, M.D. 
J. Pierre Loebel, M.D. 
Judd Marmor, M.D.* 
Robert J. McDevitt, Sr., M.D. 
John S. McIntyre, M.D. 
Rodrigo Muñoz, M.D. 
Lucy D. Ozarin, M.D. 
R. Michael Pearce, M.D. 
Patricia R. Recupero, M.D. 
Francis Rigney, M.D. 
Carolyn B. Robinowitz, M.D. 
Rhoda and Bernard G. Sarnat, M.D. 
James H. Scully, Jr., M.D. 
Mary E. Scully 
Steven S. Sharfstein, M.D. 
Mary Kay Smith, M.D. 
Nicholas E. Stratas, M.D. 
Kun Po Soo, M.D. * 
Harvey R. St. Clair, M.D.* 
Albert J. Stunkard, M.D.* 
Garfield Tourney, M.D.* 
Bunny & Howard F. Wallach, M.D.*



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