APA Foundation Disaster Relief Fund

Hurricane Irma Disaster Relief

We know that when disaster strikes, having immediate food, care, and supplies can lessen the trauma. As a mental health organization, we understand that this basic support can reduce some of the emotional trauma each individual, family, and community experiences.

2017 has experienced above normal hurricane activity and incredible devastation. In the wake of these storms, there are many phases to disaster response, and the American Psychiatric Association Foundation provides professional, financial, and strategic support to nonprofit organizations throughout the many phases of recovery in federally designated disaster areas.

Support the Foundation’s recovery efforts:

1) Contribute to the APA Foundation’s Disaster Relief Fund.

2) Share educational resources from the APA Disaster and Trauma webpage and information about the APA Foundation’s Disaster Relief Fund with your colleagues—together, we can make a difference.

3) Become a disaster mental health volunteer through the American Red Cross—your expertise will be well placed and it is best to deploy through an organization, like the American Red Cross, that has the experience and support to put you in the right location to maximize your contribution.


Your Funding Impact:

The Foundation supports the efforts of the American Red Cross' Disaster Services Program, including their Disaster Mental Health Volunteer Program. Additionally, the Foundation works with APA District Branches to raise awareness, funds, and direct support where and when it is needed most.

For more information on the Disaster Relief Fund, please contact Kimberly O'Donnell, Chief Philanthropy Officer, at (703) 907-7879 or kodonnell@psych.org.




If you, or someone you know is in suicidal crisis or emotional distress, click here for a list of resources.